Featured MCQ. Covid Collection of urology papers 2. Following on from our blog and recent podcasts on how the corona virus Covid is affecting urological operations in three countries: Italy, China and South Korea, we have put t [ Rate this article:. Article of the week: Salvage radical prostatectomy following focal therapy: functional and oncological outcomes 0.

The abstract is reproduced below and you can click on the button to read the full art [ Editorial: Further evidence that surgery after focal therapy for prostate cancer is safe 0. Article of the week: The ProtecT trial: analysis of the patient cohort, baseline risk stratification and disease progression 0.

Editorial: Estimating the threat posed by prostate cancer 0. What is the threat posed by your disease? This is how I begin all my conversations with men who have newly diagnosed prostate cancer. For men with obvious metastatic disease, the c [ April — about the cover 0.

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Stay Informed.The most ominous sign or symptom of urinary system disease is: A.

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Urinary frequency. Answer: E. A patient with acute urinary tract infection UTI usually presents with: A. Chills and fever. Flank pain. Nausea and vomiting. Painful urination. Renal adenocarcinomas: A.

Are of transitional cell origin. Usually are associated with anemia. Are difficult to diagnose.

urology mcqs

Are extremely radiosensitive. Frequently are signaled by gross hematuria. Ureteral obstruction: A. Is associated with hematuria. Is associated with deterioration of renal function and rising blood urea nitrogen BUN and creatinine values.

Urology Quiz Question Answers (Question Bank)

Is commonly caused by a urinary tract calculus. Usually requires open surgical relief of the obstruction. Is usually associated with infection behind the obstruction. Answer: C. Stress urinary incontinence: A. Is principally a disease of young females. Occurs only in males. Is associated with urinary frequency and urgency.GIT manifestation of urological diseases. Recent adavances in US in urology. ONCOLOGY Tumours of adrenal medulla Bladder substitution Early diagnosis of urinary tract malignancy Management of organ confined cancer prostate Management of non seminomatous testicular tumour Urinary diversion Non-surgical treatment of BPH Superficial bladder tumour Adrenal cortical tumour Management of advanced cancer prostate Non-surgical treatment of renal tumour Chemotherapy in urology tumour Space occupying lesion in kidney Post prostatectomy obstruction Ureteral tumour.

P, management of bilharzias of bladder Syphilis Chronic pyelonephritis Intractable cystitis. Perinephric abscess Septicemic shock Prostatitis. Management of blunt renal trauma. Renal tubular acidosis Disorders of ejaculation. Strategy and limitations in treatment of upper urinary stones Discuss the optimal patient for the optimal urinary diversion Treatment of stage 3 Non-Seminomatous germ cell testicular tumors. Hormonal therapy protocols in treatmen t of locally advanced prostate cancer Etiology.

Management of vascular thrombos is after kidney transplantation. Safety and efficacy of different doses of BCG in treatment of bladder cancer PSA relapse after radical prostatectomy Familial forms of renal cell carcinoma Treatment of blunt renai trauma Urethritis Energy-based intracorporeal lithotripsy Recurrent urinary stones pat hogenesis, preventive management Types and diagnosis of ambiguous genitalia Prognostic factors in renal cell carcinoma Acute scrotum in children Management of infertile male Failure of TURP to cureP Irrigation fluid in Endourology, which and why Target therapy for metastasic renal cell carcinema Discuss the value of tumor markers in urologic practice.

Correlate with cystoscopic findings.


What are the complications of urinary. Give an account on each type. What are the most important. Vascular interventional radiology in Kidney diseases Treatment of lower calyceal renal stones Primary aldosteronism Diagnosis of renal T. I in pregnancy. Transrectal Ultrasound.

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Metabolic complications of intestinal incorporation in the urinary tract Hormonal treatment of prostatic cancer. Testicular torsion Discuss the management of lower urinary tract trauma. Discuss the therapeutic role of lymp hadenectomy in urologic malignancies.

Discuss etiology and management of upper tract dilatation neonates. Discuss diagnosis and treatment of non-specific renal infections MD, Nov. Give an account on acute pyelonephritis Master, April, Diploma, April, Enumerate causes of small kidney Diploma, Nov. Discuss diabetes mellitus associated genito-urinary infections MD, April, Give an account on investigations for genito-urinary T. Diploma, April, Diploma, April.

Master, April, Diploma, April,Nov. Discuss the management of dilated bilharzial ureter MD, April, Give an account on interstitial cystitis MD, April, Give an account on the present situation of interstitial cystitis MD, April, Describe type and treatment of non-malignant vesical ulcers Diploma, Nov. Give an account on chronic bilharzial bladder ulcer Diploma, Nov.

TTT only Diploma, April, Give an account on diagnosis of chronic prostatitis MD, April, Give an account on management of chronic prostatitis Master, Nov. Discuss management of urethral discharge in male patients MD, April, In this article, we are sharing with our audience the genuine PDF download of Campbell-Walsh Urology 11th Edition PDF using direct links which can be found at the end of this blog post.

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Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here.Remember Me? What's New? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. A 3 per person years B 9 per person years C 18 per person years D 26 per person years E 34 per person years 8 Regarding the natural history of BPH, what is the average decline in peak urinary flow rate?

A Capsular arteries B Badenoch's arteries C Floch's arteries D Branches of the internal pudendal artery E Branches of the superior vesical artery 15 What is the embryological origin of the transition zone? What is the type of prostatitis? A Tendon damage B Rash C Worsening hyperkalaemia in patients with renal failure D Folate deficiency E Stevens-Johnson syndrome 10 Which of the following is not a recognised cause of epididymo-orchitis?

Type I mannose sensitive are associated with lower urinary tract infections, Dr adhesion is associated with paediatric UTI and pyelonephritis in pregnancy, and Type S pili are associated with bacterial dissemination 4 B Type IIIa inflammatory chronic pelvic pain syndrome, according to the NIH classification 5 The first 10mls of urine collected after prostatic massage is known as VB3. These enter fresh water snails to produce sporocysts.

Each sporocyst releases cercaria which are infected minature worms with a forked tail. The cercariae penetrate unbroken skin and become shistosomules after shedding their tales. They travel to the liver to mature.

urology mcqs

Mature adults then couple and migrate to vesical veins. Here they lay eggs which penetrate the bladder and enter the urine.

A nm B nm C nm D nm E nm 2 Which of the following is not important in determining radio-sensitivity? A Impermeable to water B Permeable to water and less permeable to sodium, chloride and urea C Impermeable to water, highly permeable to sodium and chloride and slightly permeable to urea D Permeable to water, sodium, chloride and urea E Impermeable to water and urea with sodium and chloride actively reabsorbed 17 What is the typical Hounsfield unit for fat on CT?

A Peroxidase B Red azo dye C The production of indoxyl and oxidation of a diazonium salt D Tetrabromophenol blue dye E Double oxidation reaction 20 What is the normal amount of protein excreted by the kidney? The absorbed dose of ionizing radiation is measured in grays symbol Gy where one gray is equal to one joule of energy being imparted to one kilogram of matter the rad is the previously used unit. A 1 in or 1mg per ml adrenaline solution is often used IM for anaphylactic reactions.

urology mcqs

However, remember that the circumference is diameter multiplied by Pi 3. They increase intrarenal pressures. Pearle, M; J Urol demonstrated that there was no difference in recovery between patients treated with nephrostomy vs JJ stent.Which of the following structures is not typically encountered in the course of renal surgery through a flank incision?

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Internal obliquemuscle B. Transversalis fascia C. Rectusmuscle D. Thoracolumbar fascia E. Transversus abdominis F. Obturator Internus 2. Regarding Gerotas fascia, which of the following are true? It is part of the inner stratumof retroperitoneal tissue B. Inferiorly there is an open potential space C. Perinephric fat is outside of it D. It is continuous with Colles fascia E. Both A. None of the above 3. Which of the following is not typically a site of normal ureteral narrowing where stones get caught?

UPJ B. Iliac vessels C. Pelvic ureter D. UVJ E. L4 level F. Entrance to detrusor 4. Normal voiding is dependent on all of the following nerves except? Pelvic B. Hypogastric C. Obturator D. Pudendal 5. Which of the following is true about the prostate? Most prostate cancer is fromthe transition zone B.

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