JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The BMW i is already a power house at stock with a 3. Adding an aFe intake system intensifies your driving experience. From the throaty. Here are some of the benefits and unique characteristics that set an aFe intake from the rest. The unique air filter-to-housing interface allows for maximum filter size which increases the available air volume while simplifying the installation process.

The Pro 5R oiled filter media. The Pro Dry S provides a Choose the Pro Dry S for convenience. This filter medial requires no oiling. One-Piece Housing Interface: This Stage-2 intake features a one-piece sealed housing with auxiliary air scoop is used to eliminate the use of multiple-piece housing and to ensure the coolest air intake charge available. A urethane plug is also included if you wish to completely seal the airbox for a complete sealed system. The system uses a CAD designed, dyno-tuned, roto-molded intake tube to achieve maximum power gains while maintain a perfect OE fit.

Additionally, the mounting tabs are molded in for an easy installation. The integrated engine-cover tabs provide a factory style fitment. Premium Hardware This intake utilized premium stainless-steel hardware and band clamps which are used to securely mount the high-flow air filter and intake tube.

This direct bolt-on system requires no modifications and includes all necessary hardware for a hassle-free installation. For more information contact our Power Professionals at or visit www. View Shopping Cart. In addition to the hassle-free install, the N54 tube retains the factory diverter valves and works with OE intercooler. The smooth transition mandrel bends decrease turbulence which increases horsepower and torque.

The high-temp wrinkle-black powder-coating insulates the tube from engine heat and protects the tube from corrosion. Order Today! Site Links.

mhd stage 2 n55 psi

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MHD N54 Maps Pack

Pure's installation kit makes it easy but you can piece it together cheaper. Replacing the waterpump and thermostat are common during the install. If you change it out you will need coolant. There are a few tips. Search Pure stage 2 installation on E90post and you can see what happened during my install and what people gave me for tips.

Originally Posted by cnmi. Originally Posted by There are tons of DIY out there.

BMW 135i Vargas Stage 2 - Exhaust Cold Start, Rev \u0026 Flyby

Here's a good one. Remove the turbo with top oil and coolant lines attached. Buy new coolant return lines just in case 3. Buy an o-ring pick to get the old exhaust gaskets out 4. Buy an cordless ratchet 5. Get two of your best homies to help. Stretch out the install to at least 2 days.

Don't get in a hurry. Buy the inlet from Pure Enjoy! Originally Posted by WaqasRiyami. Is the F10 not restrictive as the rest or is there no demand for F10 inlet?? If it doesn't fit then my guess is there wasn't a high enough demand for them. I would look into other options though as you're most likely leaving power on the table.

I tried to look for other options, no one is making inlet's for F10's. By other options I mean find a shop that will fab one up for you. No I don't think anyone else makes this pipe. Peter Pure. If you are running pump fuel and goal is whp then stock inlet is ok. I have inlets available for the i, and with a Pure Stage 2, you will exceed the maximum the stock intake can handle.

Hell yes! Very cool!

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You will still be leaving power on the table though and you should pick one up. When we beta tested ps2 there was no inlet upgrade.

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With stock inlet the turbo has to work harder to suck in air. Obviously an upgrade is recommended. But around is np on stock inlet.

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We made around on stock inlet. But i always recommend to put one. Nice to see someone made a inlet!Forums New posts. Garage New media New comments. Resources Latest reviews. Log in Register. New posts. Forums Engine N JavaScript is disabled.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Jan 25, 14 South Amboy, NJ. Here is an overlay of the runs:.

Oct 18, 8, AZ. Dec 9, Bnks Sergeant. Dec 1, New York. The pic is all 4th gear runs. Next time around we will do all runs in 5th as that is Gotta run as its on a Friday, but I wanted to post up the results before the weekend.

Last edited: Sep 18, Show hidden low quality content. Post reply Preview. Insert quotes…. N55 13 May 30, N55 i f30 steering motor?? N55 0 May 9, B Ps2 f30 custom tuning help. Similar threads. BMW F30 ix W. Started by luchocamp May 30, Replies: N55 i f30 steering motor?? Started by Matthewspeth May 9, Replies: 0. Ps2 f30 custom tuning help.User Name Remember Me?

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Quickest Pure Stage 2 Car? I assume an XI auto but curious on ET and trap. What does a awhp E90 trap? Thanks, Adam. I ran That should be good for deep 11s with traction I would think. Maybe even high 10s with an XI car. Is the PI necessary at your power level?

Originally Posted by HydroStream6. I will be in the 11's this next season as I have worked out some of my tuning issues since that run.

I believe Good to know Seems like mid s is about the norm then. I don't see many large single turbo N55 cars out there Honestly PS2 would probably put the auto and XI driveline at about the comfortable limit anyways. Thanks for the feedback guys! Originally Posted by Luminous. Peter Pure.

MHD Super License for N54

But that was before lsd and pi. Never tried it when that was on the car as i was afraid of breaking trans or axles. I would love to trap close to mph in this car. I'm just concerned about the fuel requirements. The price of PI scares me a bit though. Currently running just a JB4 on Map 7 with E Have a meowless dp to go in as well soon as I get around to it. I hit mph with just meth injection and race fuel. I can probably squeak out a few more pounds of boost before HPFP issues.This post will cover the various BMW N54 flash maps along with supporting mods and expected horsepower on each map.

To note — this post is based on the V8. This is a major benefit of flash tunes as opposed to piggyback tunes, such as the JB4. They do not have full control like flash tunes do. Piggyback tunes simply run higher than stock boost and allow the factory DME tune to make the necessary adjustments. Some people will knock piggyback tunes for this fact, which we do not intend to do.

However, piggyback tunes have their limits. At some point, the factory tune with a piggyback simply cannot keep up with things like fuel flow.

Their flash tunes are highly proven and have been the go-to for many in the N54 community. The JB4 is loaded with unique features that come with the tune at no extra cost. It allows for steering wheel controls to change maps on the fly within seconds. A great option for those who may want a modest DD tune with the ability to crank thinks into kill mode in a second.

You can limit boost by gear for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gears. These are just a few features worth mentioning. Most importantly, the JB4 is loaded with excellent safety features. Set a boost safety limit; if boost exceeds target the JB4 instantly kicks back to stock boost.

Again, it kicks into the stock boost map. It does the same when fuel pressure or meth flow become dangerously low. These are safety features worth having that flash tunes simply do not have. In summary, the JB4 when coupled with a back-end flash tune retains its advanced boost control, user-friendly features, and safety features.

It really is the best of both worlds and the ultimate tuning setup for the N This is simply something to consider prior to opting for a standalone MHD flash tune.

As mentioned above, MHD offers four different stages for the N Each stage has different supporting mod recommendations. As the stages increase, so do boost and horsepower assuming all else constant, such as fueling. Within each stage there are different options depending upon fueling. Throughout the remainder of the post we will discuss the different stages, requirements, and expected horsepower.

N54 1-Step Colder Spark Plugs. N54 Ignition Coils. OEM Spark Plugs. Additionally, power varies from car to car even with the same exact mods. This may come down to differences in dynos, temperature, altitude, engine health, etc. As such, the horsepower numbers we mention are simply rough estimates.Remember Me?

mhd stage 2 n55 psi

Today AM by GarrettMi. Hiccup during maintaining highway speeds. Yesterday PM by caryperlman. Methanol Issue. Yesterday AM by mikeysosa.

Throttle vibration with catless downpipe. Throttle Response Questions. Active Autowerke axleback or nah? Exhaust Choice for Mi. To BMS Stage 1 or not? Need help - new VRSF intercooler and stubborn boost leak. Mi N55 RPM drop at cold. Methanol Questions. High pressure fuel pump tapping. Short Shifter Recommendation. M N Engine Misfire on Cyl 4,5,6 on N55 '15 mi.

Blue smoke send help lol. Engine loud ticking 1 2. Stage 2 and Bolt On's. Question about tips on Remus exhaust. Code MAF issue? Drivetrain malfunction - cylinder 3 misfire. Mark This Forum Read. View Parent Forum. Search this Forum : Advanced Search.The F series uses a different MHD app, so we will write a separate post for that.

MaxPSI - FBO F30 335i dyno results w/BM3 stage 2 93 and E30

The purpose of a flash tune is to effectively re-write the DME and target more aggressive boost. A flash tune allows for full control over parameters like ignition advance, fueling, etc. This control is a big benefit of flash tunes when compared to piggyback tunes like the JB4. Piggybacks act as advanced boost controllers, but do not re-write the DME. The JB4 is able to intercept and alternate signals to run more boost and increase fuel flow — just to name a few things.

This is where flash tunes like MHD come into play. The four base maps also have different options within depending on fueling. We love this setup for multiple different reasons. First, the JB4 comes loaded with unique features. A few of those features include steering wheel controls, gauge hijacking, on-the-fly map changes, and data-logging. The JB4 also offers superior support and control for things like methanol and port injection. However, the back-end flash takes control of fueling, load, ignition advance, etc.

The actual back-end flash maps are free.

mhd stage 2 n55 psi

As we mentioned briefly, MHD offers four different stages for the N55 along with a 5th stage for E30 fueling. The stages have different supporting mod recommendations. Generally, more aggressive stages require additional supporting mods. Additionally, power and boost increase with the more aggressive stages — assuming all else equal, such as fueling.

Within each of these stages are different options depending on fueling. In the remainder of this post we will discuss each of these stages, supporting mod recommendations, and expected horsepower.

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